Sunset At The Docks

By Mileah Locke

Dark purple mixes with orange as if painted on a canvas by an artist. The colors are eased together gently by a soft pink streak.

The sound of soft waves crash against the dock while a small sailboat drifts by. The sunset is slow, but admiringly calm. As an hour passes, you’ll start to notice that the orange and pink colors have faded, it is now black with white splatters across the canvas.

Sailing Sailboats Sunset Boat Sail Ocean Wallpaper Hd 1080p

The sound of the waves are still there; However, accompanied by the chirping of frogs and crickets. The sailboat has been docked next to a yellow house, but is slightly drifting with each wave.

A cold breeze passes with the smell of salt and rain. After the wind passes, the sound of thunder echoes in the dark sky above. The white splatters slowly disappear, for the clouds have been painted over.

After an hour goes by of the continuous thunder, the rain starts to sprinkle against the dock and the water. The ripples in the water are repetitive and slow. When the clouds start to pour more rain onto the dock, a flash of lightning is seen. The purple lines break into the sky every once a minute along with thunder in the background.

The smell of rain becomes more protruding after the small shower has passed. In the night, the sounds of the frogs have become silent.

A woman comes out to stare at the small waves just before sunrise. She sips from her cup of coffee as she stares into the black skies. Once the first streak of orange seeps into the sky, she embraces it.

To the sea is where she finds her peace. The luminous ball of flames rises once again and she walks back to her home; listening to the birds start to sing and breathing in the aroma of flowers and morning dew.

It is a new day.

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